About Health Indicators Interpretation Guide Inventory List

These health indicators include county, regional and state level data on a variety of health, environmental and social topics. These data are used in Colorado’s Health Assessment and Planning System (CHAPS). CHAPS is a standard process created to help local public health agencies meet assessment and planning requirements. These indicators are useful for anyone who needs Colorado health data for a community health assessment or for other research purposes.

These indicators are organized based on the Health Equity Model (click above to view), which takes into account a wide range of factors that influence health. This model groups the social determinants of health into:

  • Life course perspective: how populations are impacted differently during the various stages of life
  • Social determinants of health: societal influence, such as economic opportunity, physical environment and social factors that play critical roles in the length and quality of life
  • Health factors: components of health behaviors and conditions, mental health and access, utilization and quality of health care
  • Population health outcomes: measures of quality of life, morbidity, mortality and life expectancy
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