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Maternal and Child Health Datasets released February 2011

*Please read details under each measure to obtain years represented by data.

1. Revised data on oral health (7-1-11):

Data for three oral health indicators, caries experience, dental sealants, and untreated decay, were reported incorrectly in the 2011 MCH County Data Sets for the majority of counties. Please see Oral Health County Estimates 2006-2007 for correct data.

 2. Clarification on immunization data (2-1-11): The measure on immunization providers is specific to primary pediatric immunization providers. Therefore, the numerator is the number of primary pediatric immunization providers in a county who were linked to the Colorado Immunization Information System as of December 2010. The denominator is the total number of primary pediatric immunization providers in the county that are classified as pediatric practices, family physician practices, local public health agencies, rural health centers or community health centers.

County Comparisons with Maps

Only the county comparison map of the primary pediatric immunization provider will be available with the 2011 release of the MCH County Data Sets.

Child Health Measures