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Injuries are often preventable, yet each year many people die due to injuries. Many more require hospitalization, and may never fully recover from their injuries. For example, hundreds of Coloradans are killed each year in preventable motor vehicle crashes. In addition to the human toll, deaths and injuries from motor vehicle crashes have high societal costs. Injuries resulting from falls create a substantial health burden in Colorado, particularly for adults ages 65 and older. For this age group, falls are the leading cause of injury death and the most common reason for injury hospitalization.

Here you can view state and county-level data on indicators related to injury and injury prevention. These are:
  • Rates of teen (age 15-19) motor vehicle accident deaths
  • Percent of adults who wear a seat belt
  • Rates of fall-related injury hospitalizations among the elderly (age 65 and over)
Colorado Health Institute
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Health Statistics and Evaluation Branch
4300 Cherry Creek Dr. S
Denver,CO 80246
(303) 692-2160
    Colorado Health Data
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