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Welcome to the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey (HKCS) page!

Starting in 2013, the new HKCS Steering Committee teamed up to produce a single, comprehensive survey system to measure youth health behaviors in Colorado. The HKCS covers topics of physical activity, nutrition, alcohol, tobacco, substance use, safety, mental health, sexual health and school and family involvement.

This unified survey will be administered every other year in odd-numbered years in randomly selected schools and classrooms in Colorado. The Steering Committee is comprised of members of three state agencies: the Colorado Department of Education, the Colorado Department of Human Services’ Office of Behavioral Health, and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The University of Colorado Denver’s Community Epidemiology and Program Evaluation Group (UCD-CEPEG) has been chosen as the contractor to support the unified survey recruitment, administration and reporting. UCD has the most up-to-date survey information on their survey webpage at: www.hkcs2013.org   

The unified HKCS effort addresses the following benefits:

  • Builds on the strengths of the existing Health Kids Colorado Survey
  • Provides flexibility so funders and partners can participate in youth health surveys without having to create their own systems
  • Offers a single process whereby all who work with youth know where to go with data questions and needs
  • Generates state-level data with a robust sample size that allows insights at the health statistics region level
  • Provides value to schools and districts by supplying them with more locally relevant data

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